Mark Aston: Islington Museum & Local History Centre Manager

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Everyone on Islington Faces Blog has a story. Any idea what you do if you want to find out more about your Islington roots – either your family or the places you know in the borough? Or maybe you want to know more about Tufnell Park, Clerkenwell or the people who’ve lived in Islington like Joe Orton or find out who is buried here?  If you’re curious about the old Islington then try booking an appointment at the Islington Local History Centre, where there’s a good chance you’ll meet enthusiastic Mark Aston who is in charge of Islington’s local history.  Interview by Nicola Baird

xx “This isn’t a crusty museum,” says Mark Aston who runs Islington Museum and Local History Centre. “I’m keen to get more popular culture into  this museum – sport, music and literature – because there’s history in everything.”

Mark Aston lives in Camden but he knows Islington better than…

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